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Clean Commute Modes

Choosing an alternative to driving alone can help you save money, earn money, and get back time you never thought you had.

By trying out one of these commute alternatives once or twice a week, you’ll get more out of every mile and learn a new four-letter word: S-A-V-E.

  • Carpooling: It's take your friends to work day, every day!
  • Vanpooling: Want to fight for cupholder places instead of parking spaces?
  • Transit: Don't text and drive, text and ride!
  • Telework: Avoid traffic completely by working from home.
  • Compressed Work Weeks/Flex Time: If you can't change how you get to work, change when you get to work.
  • Bike/Walk: Human-powered commuting means better health and no air pollution.

Georgia Commute Options is available in selected areas. Find the closest organization based on where you work that can help you get started.

Have questions? Check out our FAQs here.

Note: When you log any of the above clean commute modes, you are eligible to win the monthly $25 Prizes. Compressed Work Weeks/Flex Time trip logging is not eligible for the $3 a Day/Gimme Five Program.

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