Free services to help improve how you get to and from work.

12 Free Services

12 free services to make your workplace better

Hundreds of employers and property managers participate in Georgia Commute Options programs to reduce drive-alone commuting and improve air quality.

1.  Overall Program Consultation


Working one-on-one to develop a commute options plan that meets the need of your organization and its employees

2.  Reporting Program Results


Capturing and reporting information specific to your company, including direct financial savings to employees, vehicle miles of travel reduced and tons of air pollution reduced

3.  Onsite Events


Presentations and/or tabling events about commute options, assistance and resources available to employees at your worksite

4.  Financial Incentives Paid to Your Employees 


Monetary incentives to motivate commuters to switch from driving alone: carpool, vanpool, telework, transit, bike/walk

5.  Alternative Work Arrangement Consulting


Expert consulting to start or expand telework, compressed work week or flexible work hours program

6.  Pre-tax Benefits to Lower Commute Expenses       


Program through IRS that reduces employee commute costs up to 1/3 for vanpool, transit, bicycling and saves employers on payroll taxes

7.  Employee Commute Survey


2-minute survey, customized to your workforce, used to determine how employees are getting to work today and their level of interest in alternatives and services offered

8.  Commuter Ridematching and Guaranteed Ride Home 


Assistance finding carpool or vanpool partners who live and work near each other, plus up to five free rides rides home each year for registered employees who use commute alternatives when unexpected events cause them to leave work earlier or later

9.  Employer Recognition


Public relations exposure in local media and annual awards program spotlighting your organization's positive impact on commute options

10.  Employer Education Series


Webinars featuring subject matter experts with guidance on specific commute options topics

11.  Case Studies


Summaries showing how similar employers have implemented successful commute options programs and the results achieved

12.  Relocation Commute Planning


Special assistance when an employer moves, providing employees with information about the best commute options available to get them to their new worksite

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